We do understand that IM is still a bit of a jungle and we decide to put out there ToS to give you peace of mind and better understand how we operate.

1 – All the webmaster work with us are the actual owners of the website we will post on. 

2 – We talk with them on a constant basis and we get approval for the post, because they want the article we will post to be relevant for their audience

3 – We make sure that your post won’t end up on an orphan page, which means we look at the internal structure of a website and make sure they are not cutting off the link juice to guest post. If they do that, they are out of business with us. And we send them a lot of revenue, so they behave

4 – None of the link we place are results of malpractices or unethical behavior such as  website piercing or hacking, SAPE etc..

5 – all the stats we published are backed up by third part software and before posting your article we will double check that the stats are the same or are improved, otherwise we will suggest a different website at the same price and update the stats.

6 – the content we provide are original, 500 words minimum but most of the website owner wants us to work with a minimum of 700 and original pictures.

7 – all the contents published by us  stay in the homepage (although your link could not be visible in the blurb, and then it will roll into the internal pages (see point 3 for SEO Juice) lifetime.

8 –  We give you a full report once the your link are placed, but in the meantime we review your links to check if you haven’t received links from one of the website you selected.